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Copy of Assata Shakur Quote (3).png


Please read these before you submit.

Our Process and General Guidelines:

If your submission is accepted, edits will be made in the form of suggestions and comments sent via email. Editors will be assigned to your submission based on the individual editors’ specialties. However, multiple editors will ultimately review each submission before publication. 


We send out emails to writers after edits are suggested. Please expect submissions to be returned within one week of submission. Longer pieces may take longer and we will communicate if we need additional time. Edits can be discussed or questioned, but please be respectful and open to our suggestions — we want to make your submission the best it can be! We want everything to be clear for our artists — please reach out to us for clarification if necessary.


If you do not respond to our editors' emails within 3 to 4 days of receiving edits, we will follow up with you via email. If one week passes without any response or request for more time to return edits, we will automatically reject your submission. We take the relationship between our artists and editors seriously, so please respect the time and effort we put into reviewing your submission. Thank you!

Writing Submission Guidelines:

• Submission must be written or co-written by a Black identifying female or gender non -conforming person.

• Submission must be entirely original, fact
-checked, plagiarism-checked, and include citations if applicable. Etc. will double check for this criteria and if plagiarism is detected the submission will NOT be accepted.

• Submissions from all different viewpoints are encouraged, but hatred
(expressions of white supremacy, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, etc.) will NOT be accepted.

• Applicants under 16 must have their parent or guardian sign a consent form to be published.

• Must participate in the editing process
 in order to be published. We will not make edits that overstep the creative liberties of our writers; however, any edits we make are because we think they will help the overall well-being of the piece.

Photo/Film/Art Submission Guidelines:

• All submissions must have a black femme or non-binary author or director, DP, writer,
photographer, creative director.

• Submissions cannot have explicitly graphic content, gratuitous violence, pornographic
content or drug use.

• No submissions featuring derogatory language or harmful stereotypes or statements
about private citizens or people groups will be accepted.

• Applicants under 16 must have their parent or guardian sign a consent form to be published.

• Submissions must not violate copyright claims.

• Submissions must not be owned by another magazine, collective, or publisher.

• Please submit AT LEAST
4 pieces if you are submitting photography or visual art. We only accept photography or visual art collections, not singular pieces.

• All files must be one of the following: .mov, .mp
4, .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .raw. If submitting photography, RAW files are strongly preferred, as RAW files are high quality even after being edited.

• All files must be labeled accordingly LAST NAME

Questions? Email us at!

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