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Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I pray for you my dear

A boy has spelled you with his tears

He grew up to be a man,

to God he had no fear,

He went into every village and held up his spear

He called to the people and said peace,

you will not go near.

He sent down his wrath then held up his beer

A toast to my kingdom, you men shall hear

See me now and hold your hearts with revere

I am a man born of a love so insincere

I conquer villages with the will of my gear

I’ll conquer you and they will call me a pioneer

Your life will be stained, but my name, history will clear.

My source in the underworld, he shall have a laugh

when he learns I took your humanity

and left you but a half

Foul words I have spoken, pardon me,

I have spoken on his behalf.

Forgive me, for I am not a man without benevolence

I remember my mother and I remember her with such gentleness

She sang lullabies that imprinted my heart with their resonance

But somewhere in the ether, my path was doomed to lose such blessedness

My soul has chosen this,

and it has chosen with such negligence

That I will menace your nobility and

will menace with such dreadfulness.

But I do not regret his life, I do not regret a grain of sand

I do not regret a fallen angel, god willed, in my chambers he would be canned

Like a worthless creature, by his mother’s blood made awfully grand

What was he to me, what was he in a spider’s web but a single strand

How pathetic to think he was a man worthy of any life he banned

So pray for me and in your prayers please understand

I have nurtured this boy and placed light in his hands.

I pray for you my dear

Your womb remembers the scent of Amir

The spawn of the devil,

his beloved peer.

Edited by: Cecilia Innis

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