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Everyone has the capacity for kindness.

There’s joy in the small moments, too.

None of us were meant to do this alone.

And what if we found

little pockets of love

in moments of fading daylight?

What if I rested in a second of beauty,

in a stopped car at the peak of sunset?

In the spaces between words in

a liana flores’ song?

I want my nails painted the same

shade of pink as your lips,

I want a little piece of you

with me everywhere I go.

There aren’t enough words in me, I think,

to describe how much I care for you.

I try anyway.

I looked in the mirror the other day

and, just for a second,

I saw myself in my eyes.

I felt that this body might belong to me.

How close can we be?

You and I, before we start to melt

into each other?

And if I don’t pick up the phone,

it’s because I need more time alone.

I want less screens,

more pictures of flowers.

Less work, let’s hang,

and maybe kill a couple hours.

If I’m blowing bubbles in the break room,

will you laugh with me?

This life’s too short and everyone

here is way too serious.

Please don’t take me too seriously.

Most days I want you here with me.

Most days I watch the sun set,

I hope for something good

in my future, it hasn’t happened yet.

Days pass like passing cars and

I don’t really have the patience

to keep going like I have been.

Not really sure where I’m going

and don’t even know

where I’m at right now.

I keep finding myself in spaces

with no idea how I got there,

like how did we get here?

I guess it doesn’t matter.

And thank God for my friends,

or I’d probably be dead.

I’m always in my head,

it’s a very dark place sometimes.

I’ve never seen a light as bright as yours.

Bathing in it for a moment

gives me enough strength to keep going.

I don’t want to scare you,

but I hope you know I really care for you.

Fear is the only thing that stops me

from saying those three words.

But I hold them in my heart

every day, the same way you

hold space for all my emotions.

For once, I don’t feel like I’m

going through the motions.

I keep trying to make my way to you.

And someday soon,

I’d like to wake up to you.

Side by side, just sitting

in silence in morning sun.

And for me, that’s enough.

Just your touch, that’s enough.

Let’s leave it here before I do too much.

I just thought that you should know,

that’s really all there is to know.

To, my love.

Edited by Rachel Goulston

Find Jordan (he/they) on Instagram at @thtgaypoet

Find Rachel Goulston (she/her) on Instagram at @r.goulz

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