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a real lover's corner

every time i get to dancing


be grinning

got me wondering

what’s your secret

you taste like smoked cherries

your world on the tip of my tongue

removing all unloved

i adore i adore you

after this

i’ll see you

in the bathtub.

i make messes with

you unlayer my skin

coating my world of emotions

in your finest spice

you got me grinding with you all night

who could lend us a moment to tell the world

real loving is our cure

we make more than sense, tonight.

i always have 2 cups of sugar for you

chocolate freshly shaved too

i like to whisk you away

keep you hot & cool you down

when it’s time

we always pop the cap

i delight you in

love baths

you always give me the biggest smile

like you playing tricks

you loving my desert all the while

i could spend all day tending to you

you make me wanna open up wide

sink into


blueberry pie for a while

i could spend all day tending to you

earl grey at your bedside

eyes wide before the dawn

i love to care for you

on any day

i could spend all day tending to you.

Cover Photo Credit: Ar'Tesha

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