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Bor!cua Morena

Artist's Statement and Commentary:

I am an Afro-Latina native of The Bronx, NY. More specifically, I am Puerto Rican and Jamaican. The purpose of this piece is to showcase the beauty of my culture and upbringing and to bring awareness to darker-skinned Latinas.

Yo soy Afro-Latina nativa de el Bronx, Nueva York, específicamente, Soy Puertorriqueña y jamaiquina. El propósito de este trabajo es para enseñar la belleza de mi cultura y crianza y para tener mas representación para Latinas Morenas.

Leslie Vargas: Editor

Kaylah Bryan: Producer, Creative Director, Fashion Stylist, Model, Hair Stylist

Kayla Vegas: Model

Skylah Ford-Wiggins: Model

Ray Almodovar: Photographer

Maleyah Peterson: Editor

Deborah Sanabria: Lighting Assistant, Hair Stylist

Rosa Villa: Hair Stylist

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1 Comment

Jan 15, 2023

so sick omg

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