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Building Traditions

Artist's Statement and Commentary:

I’m Naadirah Moore, an upcoming photographer/cinematographer from Harlem who loves capturing raw moments, emotions, and atmospheres that are something real and relatable. These pieces are what my eye sees, and the warmth they bring me — truly building traditions and growing bonds over the years.


Photos 1 & 2:

Black laughter and beauty just look and feel so good. When experienced with others, it’s like the energy amplifies, leaving this warm glow that others can simply indulge in. What a time it is to bask in the glowing glory of friends, laughter, and beauty.

Photo 3:

I don’t know how many black boys were told that they can’t, way too many if you ask me. Not this black boy, though. I told him he could do anything he wanted. Black boy, you can do anything you want. Black boy, you can do anything you want. YOU can do anything you want.

Photo 4:

Dad was pretty chill, and his daughter matched his composure. I saw a moment. As I approached and asked for a picture, this kiddo went from chill to this cool mixture of shy and vibrant. And guess what? Dad matched her composure.

Photo 5:

Here is what years of friendship look like. Here is what growing together, experiencing life differently, and returning to each other to remember what having a long-term friend looks like. It’s not always an everyday check-in, it’s not always making it to every event, and sometimes it’s not speaking for months at a time. What it is, is a mutual bond of love and respect — remembering that we are friends.

Edited by: Ava Emilione

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