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My rhymes defies time each time I recline



of sweet dreams and sour limes

I am taken back to you

You are here too

In my soul, there are blues

But my color is red too

So don’t confuse the rude awakening in me

See she is not for you to wrap your head around

She is me and I can guide her to her own paths

Stand in the way and feel her wrath

Sour like limes

Don’t be the fool who acts too cool

And schools the room on how you rule

It ain’t getting nowhere

Cuz I had my own share

Of rotten lies and pantomime

Reaching, stretching, tearing my mind

But now I see the colors within

They transcend my perception of reality

Opening new doors I once thought were lost

I recline my seat

Sip my tea

And find sweet dreams

A peaceful retreat

Edited by: Ava Emilione

Cover Photo Credit: Pinterest

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