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  • Writer's pictureGold Carson Sánchez

Dandelion Sparkler

it’s easy to use non-invasive machines

to your benefit and your strong desire.

it’s easiest to twirl around on the deck

and on all that’s left of the ice sheets.

what would happen if the illness subsided?

that’s all i ever wanted and nothing has

ever mattered any more than that. that bus

is the one i take to the store. i don’t get hit.

lots of teachers have pointed their fingers

at me and sometimes at you and often

at us both, waddling into the morning

with our images still intact. i didn’t expect

to eat my own brain down there in the

drain. when you held my hair back

i thought i was entering some new shape.

you covered my ears with your hands.

on new years eve in the parking lot of our haunted

house, there were no dandelions. there were

arms and legs and the wintry condition

we’re in. there was walking by sparkling

and talking, and wind.

Cover Photo Credit: Gold Carson Sánchez

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