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Updated: Mar 15, 2023

CW: Cannibalism

In the dream

She opened her mouth &

I made home in her throat

Cured like meat

Ready to be eaten.

Is that not tender?

Is love not making yourself small?

Maybe if I lay flat

She’ll mistake me for memory.

Think me a lover forgotten &

Devour me gladly

I wait

A real lover would sip my bone like nectar

Lick the flesh

Kiss the corpse

A ritual laden with desire

Till I become dust

Till every blackened bit is consumed

But she rejects the meat of me

Does she not like the taste?

Has the wanting made me rotten?

If I bash my skull against teeth, will I become sweet?

I watch her eat another

Skin breaks open

Blood like milk pours from flesh to wanting lips

I wake

Begging to be cracked.

Edited by: Ava Emilione

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