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  • Writer's pictureAnike Sonuga

Girls! Girls! Girls!

A theatrical short play preview capturing the complicated, lively dynamics of a group of girls.

Artist's Statement and Commentary:

My name is Anike Sonuga and I'm a writer, playwright, and screenwriter (and who knows, maybe one day I'll write a novel). Starting at NYU in Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, my journey as a multidisciplinary artist began on the stage. But from the beginning, I knew I also wanted to do film. Because of these two sides of myself, I began to strengthen my style of writing: cinematic plays and theatrical films. ​

Stonestreet Studios has given me countless opportunities to create films throughout the past year and, with a minor in film, I find myself on a set almost every day of the week. While this has been amazing to do, I also have been missing the feeling of a play, and "Girls! Girls! Girls!" has been something I've been working on for a little while and have felt very passionate about. ​ This play is what I've been passionate about and while I did film it for the purpose of this pitch, it's still a play. But film and theatre don't exist as separately as we seem to think they do.

Visit for more information on Anike's project.

Edited by: Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan

Actors: Alicia Ramos, Mallika Velamuri, Marifé Quesada, Lilly Weak, Jeneevah, Arianna Jones

Assistant Cinematographer: Alex Berg

Writing Mentor: Steph del Rosso

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