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How God has Fixed It

  1. My sexual assault: i don’t let anyone touch me, nothing happened to the guy – he kept his job for a while and then found a new one, panic attacks, bouts of anxiety and worry, a fear of trust

  2. Daily sexual harassment: i have mace that i carry constantly in my coat pocket no matter who i am with, i don’t walk at night, i don’t walk too early, i don’t ride ubers, i don’t ride empty train cars, i don’t walk in empty train stations, i don’t walk on empty blocks, i don’t ride empty buses, i don’t look people in the eye, i don’t smile, i don’t answer, i answer so i don’t get hurt, i speed walk

  3. My relationship with my father: we hardly talk despite being under the same roof. when we do it’s only to give off the illusion of a good father-daughter relationship for the sake of his reputation

  4. My relationship with my brothers: i don’t talk to them, they don’t even answer my phone calls, we see each other holidays and that’s it

  5. Everyone that has been racist towards me: TBD but they all seem to be doing really really well, most are becoming nurses actually so there’s that.

So please, Granny, how has God fixed it? And how is that all that I can rely on?

Edited by: Cecilia Innis

Cover Photo Displays: Kim Rice

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1 commentaire

Leslie Vargas
Leslie Vargas
31 juil. 2022

This was so impactful! Never stop writing.

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