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I Wait For You

I wait for you.

I demand glory and validation from the rags at my feet.

I forge blood and bone through desire alone.

I wait for you.

We absorb each other while we pray to earth’s mother.

Yet I cannot find you in the ruins of unrequited love, gods above.

I wait for you

Between the uncharted rivers of memory

In the hot sticky jungles of my imagination.

I wait for you

Nothing compares to the anticipation of your touch.

I am mindless when thoughts of you consume me.

I love you when your dreams are crushed,

I love you when you hate me, I love you when you love someone else.

I will wait for you

Until my bones grow brittle and my skin sags with the falling sun,

And faith becomes fragments of broken glass that slice at my soul.

I will be patiently waiting between now and forever.

Between forever and a second I think of all the times I could never find you.

All the times I lost you.

All the times I waited.

One day we will meet and you will understand why I waited.

Edited by: Yumna Elhdari

Cover Photo Credit: Leslie Vargas

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