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  • Writer's pictureNaila Buckner

Nappy Head Luh Girl

Suddenly I’m thrown Into a sea of perfect Grandbabies with hair that swirls and swoops like

White froth

With my disagreeable

Coarse, uncollected

I am not

One of them.

I have no choice.

I step through

the door

And I must be


Nappy head

Luh girl

you brought home to

Mother and Grandmother

They scratch the ripping lace

From under their


They are disappointed

in me

They didn’t know

but they hoped;

I’m disappointed in them


I know the


When I step

On their toes

In ancestral dance

In invisible

Ancient tongues

It will all come out

I’m just a

Head of

Bad hair, to


Edited by: Cecilia Innis

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1 Comment

Jazmyn Ja'Net
Jazmyn Ja'Net
Feb 15, 2023

Beautiful work.❤️

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