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  • Writer's pictureJasmine LeCount-McClanahan

Twin Flame

After an adopted young woman takes a DNA test, she chooses to confront the complicated history of her adoption — face-to-face.

Artist's Statement from Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan:

"This was a project that actually stemmed from my desire to push myself creatively as a writer/director by delving into controversial waters with no way of creating a simultaneously satisfying and realistic ending. The happy ending is easy, but I wanted to explore how I could capture truth closer to life with its messy endings and cliff-hanging chapter closes. The story itself stemmed from my desire to explore the intricacies of family trauma when seemingly good intentions cause harm to other members of the family system. This film explores the ethics of adoption, twin separation, and parental choice. What would you do if you found a twin out there who lived the life you felt you deserved? What would you do if the tables were turned?"

Edited by: Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan

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