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He snatched my soul

With his eyes

Fucked my mind

With his words

Left me soaking

In a pool of HIS love

Till he —


I mean

I get it

He had a fine lil thang

He called his girl

And I was just a blip

In their little world

But I thought


Just maybe

There would be space

For a little loving

Just for me.

Am I too crazy

For thinking this way?

I mean, the way he held me that one night

Was enough to send me soaring past Mars

And yet my gentleness and kindness

And truthfulness

And bad bitch-ness

Wasn’t enough to make him stay

For a little while longer

I wonder if he thinks about me when she’s sucking his dick.

Is that too crude for me to think that way?

Does that make me sound like less of a woman

To make fun of the time he made me feel like a woman

Like a whole woman –

Like the fuck was all that for?

Had me high and dry and

feeling like I had a chance at a fun love life

With him.

How dare you

Snatch my soul with your eyes

Fuck me senseless with your words

And leave me in this empty pool of what was your love?

Edited by: Ava Emilione

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