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  • Writer's pictureJada Anderson

when autumn comes

when autumn comes

you hang your soul on the moon

and lose yourself in the crispness of

leaves transforming into warmth.

they teach you that there is some beauty

in death

that expiration is not an evil omen

but rather a declaration that

it is time to move on

you have played your role well.

the sparrows are your audience and

give you a standing ovation

they thank you for the imprint you've made.

you walk down the aisle of

winding roads in the countryside

where the trees bow gracefully

creating a canopy out of sunset.

as you make your way to your exit

when the leaves finally fall

they litter your path as if

it was your wedding day.

all the critters come to bid you adieu

as you leave the old for the new

you dress casket sharp —

like the Phoenix —

ready to ignite and be born again.

autumn is the lesson that

all things must come to an end

but possibility awaits you

on the other side.

Edited by: Ava Emilione

Cover Photo: Jada Anderson

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