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Who You Gonna Love?

This ain’t the story of a black girl who caint keep ha legs closed

Or spends her time masturbating

dreaming of sweet nothings till 3

Or manifesting a 6-foot-tall boyfriend

crying to Trey Songz on repeat

She don’t brag

about the people she fucked with

Or diss the ones she couldn’t

And she sure as hellllll

Don’t whine about the one that got away

She just wants the money

The money

Who you gonna love but the money

The money

People wonder where her parents went wrong

The problem is they need to worry about they welfare application

While she worries about which color nail polish best matches her new thong

They say she need somebody her own age

To set her straight

But the black boys want



and light-skinned Trinity to be bae

Who cares about love

When the money keeps you warm

She thanks God up above

For her majestic form

She just like the way the money feel

Like a blanket

Against her skin

When life gets too real

She can fade into the dollar signs

Body numb

Her medicine is amnesia

In her head

She counts bills on the way to church

She count on em on the way to work

She dream about it before she go to sleep at night

She play Luther Vandross and cry about the times when the money was light

And she gave too many fucks

And she let them hit without pay

And she was down on her luck

And no one was her saving grace.

She ain’t yo mama.

She ain’t yo sister.

She ain’t yo grandma.

And she ain’t yo girlfriend.



The money

The money

Who you gonna love but the money?

The money…

Edited by: Ava Emilione

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