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Copy of Assata Shakur Quote (3).png

 Who We Are  

Ebony Tomatoes Collective is a multi-media, digital zine for the emotional and spiritual stories of black women and non-binary folks. Created for and by black women and non-binary folks to explore our radical inner lives, our mission is simple — to give black artists a nurturing destination to decolonize their stories. We began as a writer's group in Spring 2022 and launched our website in June 2022 — and the rest is history. 


Our leadership team is made up of 9 black women and non-binary folks with roots from New York to the Dominican Republic to Sudan. Although our entire team is under 25 years old, we are published authors and filmmakers with work featured in Tribeca Film Festival, New York International Women Festival, Fujifilm Create Forever Students of Storytelling, Washington Square News, North Star Media, Honeysuckle Media, Unplug Collective, NYU Local, NYU Gallatin's Confluence and more.


What does our mission look like in practice? All black women and non-binary folks are welcome to submit their writing, film, photography, music, and visual artwork through our website. We have no mandatory themes, but we tend to publish work centered around identity, emotions, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, politics and culture. 


Regardless of experience level, language or region, our editing team takes time to lovingly review every submission. Artists are included at each step of our holistic editing process. Once a submission is published on our website, our social media team ensures each story touches as many souls as it was meant to.

No longer will our art disappear into the ether or remain on undeveloped rolls of film discovered in basements by our grandchildren.


This is a place for our work to go, a destination for what we pour out to land in.  We are a collection of work that strives to be accessible for all members of our community.


We are driven by a compass of four directions: storytelling, resistance, community, and truth.

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Photo Credit: Amira Brown

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Photo Credit: Gifty Sogah

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