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  • Writer's pictureAngel Oduko

Beauty Is A Burden

Artist's Statement/Commentary:

This piece is a love letter to myself, a starting point for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and transformation. Over the past year, I have looked at fear in the face, acknowledging the place it used to occupy in my life. It is an expression of pride, love, and beauty.

Angel Oduko, a recent Tisch graduate, is a creative director/producer, writer, and filmmaker. Her work delves into Personal Exploration, African Futurism/Jujuism, Yoruba Traditional Religions, and Female Black Rage. Through her art, she aims to deconstruct the rigid world around me and build new ones that value self-expression and exploration.

Director, Performer, Editor: Angel Oduko

Colorist & Assistant Editor: Seyi K.G.

Edited by: Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan

Find Angel Oduko (she/her) on Instagram at @angelodukoo

Find Jasmine LeCount-McClanahan (she/her) on Instagram at @jazzylm2001

Find Seyi K.G. (he/him) on Instagram

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