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There is a place between the stars, in the center of the cosmos at the edge of all. Right beyond the twinkling of the flamed stars, there we lie.

I struggle to remember it all even now, but I can picture her face, still. Her vibrance glowed through the hall, her rays cast no shadows. I remained fixed; my eyes set, frozen as the crystals ran through the openings of the clear skies above us.

“Do you know why we shine?”

I tilted my head slightly, and with pursed lips, I clung to her tighter, running my fingers along those golden hues.

“To warm the cosmos.” I could feel the dew atop my head trickling down from the streams flowing lightly through the crystals. They rang ever so lightly against the silence. Twinkling as they moved between each other.

I could hear them, the sounds bursting through my ears, each crystal blooming with another melody unlike the one before. Over and over, colliding with me, existing only through me.

Part One: Sol

“Castor,” I stared deeper. I couldn’t move from this spot. The sky is too vibrant, the blues and purples swirled together above me creating a canopy of hues. My eyes remained unwavering, my hands fixated, the brush clung to the papyrus. My hands were swaying on their own, each stroke another piece. “Castor!” The noise was deafening.

“Bear witness to the day,” I say. I let myself fall, and sink quickly into the cushions that caught me. They towered over me, their softness wrapping itself around me, with the feathers pricking my cheeks lightly. I brought my hands over my eyes waiting for the day to commence on its own.

“Grand risings.”

Edited by: Leslie Vargas

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