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it's so easy with you


you are love in its purest form. when we first met in person, i was extremely nervous. i was sweating at the bus stop under my hoodie and flight jacket, sipping on strawberry soju trying to loosen myself up, and internally panicking thinking you wouldn’t like me as much as you did over the phone.

man was i wrong…you ran right off that bus and planted the sweetest, most tender kiss on my lips. it was almost as if you read my mind and wanted to put me at ease. after you kissed me, a weight came off my shoulders. i grabbed your hand and we started our journey to my apartment. we spent that weekend talking, cuddling, watching A Different World, and eating overpriced oxtails. it was one of the best weekends of my life. who knew a dm from twitter would blossom into something as beautiful as this?

you know, i feel like i tell you that i love you a lot. it rolls right off the tongue. i love you for being the person that you are. so kind, so caring, so smart, so compassionate, so loud, and even though you may not feel this way, so sure of yourself. you have the loveliest dark brown eyes that caused me to stutter and look away when we first started dating. something that still happens from time to time and that i never get tired of. your lips are soft and full and when we kiss it feels like i’m where i’m supposed to be. secure and safe with you.

one of my favorite memories i have of you is when we spent the weekend in new york together for the first time. you looked absolutely stunning the entire trip. from your plaid pleated skirts, to your satin black tops, and your makeup that was the cherry on top. and how could i forget those big black boots, the only things that bring you to my eye level. you were giggling and skipping around as you held my hand and said you felt almost like you were high. high off happiness and joy from being with me. i thought it was adorable and endearing. that was the weekend i fell in love with you.

you make me feel seen in a way i’ve never experienced before, and i hope i make you feel that way too. when i’m with you, it feels as if our hearts are dancing together on a loop. you are my lover, my femme, my bunnie, and my home. my only wish is that i’ll have the privilege of loving you for the rest of my life.

i admire and adore you, Vezra. you make loving you the easiest thing i’ve ever done.

yours forever,


Edited by: Cecilia Innis

Find Niko (they/he) on Instagram at @nyathepapaya

Find Cecilia Innis (she/they) on Instagram at @cecilia.innis

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