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Love Letter to saffy

Dear saffy,

Have I told you how much I love you lately? The way you show up to the best of your ability. The way you’ve learned to handle conflict. The way you speak up for yourself. The way you love fiercely. The way you challenge your beliefs and seek pleasure. You amaze me everyday with your dreams, your desires, your fears. Naming them all in your head until you gather the courage and spoons to write them down. There is so much relief in writing your truth, for I know speaking it is not easy for you. Yet you wake up everyday determined to be here now, be bolder, be a more fleshed out version of yourself.

So many people and ideas have contributed towards the person you are and the person you are becoming. It is a joy and privilege to witness the ways you evolve constantly, taking in new information and picking apart the ways you have been taught to think. You have truly become a believer in reinventing yourself everyday, focusing on self forgiveness as the path to proactive self love and acceptance. There is no one way to be, no one way to think, no one way to exist, and you not only embody this, but encourage the people you love to embrace this as well.

So many people speak of the ways you love them unconditionally, so it’s about time you practice this unconditional love for yourself. Embrace all of your quirks, insecurities, disappointments and mistakes, and understand that you are simply living the human condition. There is no need to fight the body that sustains you, keeps you moving, breathing, laughing, holding, loving, soaring, flying above and beyond the limits placed on you by closed minded individuals acting in fear. For some people, they have to see it to believe it, but I am in awe of the way you believe based on your inner knowledge. Remember, the only thing you can focus on is constantly moving forward toward your goals, making your dreams into reality.

People often call you delusional, they say you live in a fantasy world, that your ideas are not based in reality. And to that, you say yes and. Yes you are delusional, yes you live in your fantasy, yes you live as though your dreams are your reality. These things can be true, and you can also make these seemingly impossible things possible. Real. Tangible. Look at how far you have come! Pulling yourself out of a deep depression, learning to nourish your body, embracing the fat that protects your organs, adorning this vessel with gold and silver and bronze. Doing your best at all times, and forgetting the rest.

To know you Saffy, is to love you. Your boldness, your creativity, your vibrancy, the way you eat your food, the way you scrunch your nose, even the way you fart and burp without abandon in the presence of your lovers and friends. All these things contribute to your charm and inviting energy. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. All I ask is that you remain authentic. Be who you are, because the light you shine in the world can never be replicated. Can never be snuffed out, can never be dimmed. You are invincible, untouchable, and oh so lovable.

In the face of rejection, you have cried. However, those tears have watered gardens that overflow with life, bringing about a change that is so revolutionary you inspire whole movements. Your pen creates new worlds and forges new paths.Your voice is your weapon; sharpened by the world. Your strength lies in the bleeding heart, pumping life where death is found. Your gentleness is the bread upon which you feed many, nourishing the body with which we fight. Never forget the amount of love you have to offer the world, for there is no scarcity. Love is abundant. Love is accessible. Love is forgiveness. Love is boundless. Love has boundaries. Love is you. You are loved.

Always yours,


Edited by: Leslie Vargas

Find saffy (they/them) on Instagram at @saffyslays

Find Leslie Vargas (she/they) on Instagram at @leslie_mvargas

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